We are preparing a Lifelong Learning project – GRUNDTVIG PARTNERSHIP – dedicated to arts and its nomadic communities, to learning practices through art at a multidisciplinary level, and we thought you might be interested to join as a PARTNER for the period 2013-2015 (24 months starting Aug2013).
This program relies on cultural exchanges over subjects of EU interest – 2013 is the year of Citizenship and with all the changes Europe has been facing, with intense migration within the enlarged territory, we realized some work should reflect upon this matters. Art expression has the unique ability to communicate with large and common public in a universal language. So this theme considers a Performative-work-in- Progress activity, where each partner can input their art: Dance, Music, Visual and Plastic Arts, Theatre as well as a Reflection about Learning Methodologies for general public and for trainers/artists.
Deadline for submission is 21st February and until then, each partner has to fill in the form with:
· personal (organization) data,
· contribution (what are your skills and how do you wish to contribute)
· dates suitable for your organization to receive at home other partners for the activity (month/year)
· program and tasks
Attached you can find the form – We ask you to fill part B, C, F1 and G – any doubts, please contact us.

Our Organization
Amalgama Associação Cultural begins its work in the year 2000 aiming to develop, promote and decentralize dance, along with other art forms such asmusic, text, video and plastic arts. Its creative project takes form as a dance company – Amalgama Dance Company, for art experimentation and performances, to design a new methodological approach in dance studies and learning for a holistic and universalizing view, to raise public awareness about the human reality.
This methodology designated by “Dança Movimento Amalgama” was born and it evolved in Alma Arts Centre, one of Amalgama's Centres in Lisbon (urban area) and also Mahara Arts Centre, in Mafra (rural area), to spread the methodological approach within social, cultural and therapeutical context and explore alternative paths for human development. Along the way Amalgama Dance Company has been supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Municipalities around Portugal, developing curricula adapted to our partners and their communities. Among, it can be detached:
· Teaching “Energetic and Creative Practices” discipline at the Traditional Chinese MedicineUniversity,
· Working with Youngsters at Risk (Casa Pia),
· Participating in a EU Program for Social Rehabilitation of Adolescent Parents (Humanus),
· Training Physical Disabled youngsters (Liga Portuguesa de Deficiência Motora),
· Designing programs for holistic and therapeutic communities (CUIDAR,Casa Semente, Espaço “Aesthesis” ),
· Organizing workshops for university students, cultural agents and common people.
· Participating in the 1st PsicoDrama Congress “Moreno” held in Portugal.
Internationally, Amalgama Dance Company has been working with Macao, developing two projects so far, both under Amalgama´s artistic direction:
· The Parade Trough Macao (Dec. 2011) – artistic project that met together more than 700 artists of the world in the streets of Macao during three hours. The company was represented in the Parade with “A Mar” performance gathering Portuguese and Chinese artists.
· UnityGate - Bridges between East and West (Jun 2012) - A platform of work seeking convergence and unity of cultures through an annual program of artistic and cultural exchange. Along with other partners (Fundação Casa de Macau, TDSM-Macao, Stella&Artists Macao), took part in Arts Network Asia.
Relying on multidisciplinary creations, in places imbued with historical-cultural and architectural landmarks, and archetypal forces of living nature, Amalgama’s workshops and classes are, in their plea, directly inspired by the line of Enabled Dance (concept of dance led to the whole community in general, with or without special needs). This is a work base kept on continuous demand and evolution of processes, open to other teaching currents, principles and languages, which can be complementary.
THE PROJECT European Union – Civitas Arts Nomadic (EU CAN)
EU CAN is a cultural and social project for a next future, where non verbal language would be used to express in a unique and universal way migrants peoples processes, creativity and emotions.
The path of the New Universal Art Search should be aligned with The New Nomadic Citizenship and fulfilled by an enormous variety of artistic perspectives, expertises and skills, allowing the rising of The Diaspora of the World. It is urgent and necessary to reinvent ourselves and to reinvent the world. New languages must be awaken, connecting the soul to the essence of this flow that moves and which drives us.
With the intended partnership Amalagama Dance Company wishes to exchange methodological approaches in Art Multidisciplinary Movement, depicting a new way of Citizenship, born from modern Nomadic communities in Europe and in the World with a Work-in-Progress (WIP) presentation during the project mobility. Amalagama Dance Company intends to share coordination with other partners and participates with a Dance Program, during the WIP including other partners’ skills (cinema, plastic arts, theatre and music).
The project must consider the role of Art (learning, training and performing) as an agent for:
· Cultural integration and multilingual communication
· Professional and Learning facilitation – Mobility and Europass Certification for Artists and Art Trainers
· Methodologies for Adult Lifelong Learning programmes
· Civic expression and Community participation through Holistic Approaches
Kind regards
Alexandra Battaglia